About Us

Costs ADR brings together expert lawyers who are highly experienced in handling all aspects of legal costs for the purpose of enabling costs disputes to be resolved by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) both in England and Wales and internationally.

Our panel conveniently brings together costs experts at every level to enable parties to select an appropriate member to assist in resolving their costs disputes. Collectively our members offer several different methods of ADR, including Arbitration, Mediation, Expert Determination, Early Neutral valuation and Assessment at a remote hearing or “on the papers” as an alternative to Provisional or Detailed Assessment by the court.

In recent years there has been a steady drive to encourage parties involved in costs disputes to resolve their differences using ADR. Where parties fail to do that, costs penalties will follow, usually through the award of indemnity basis costs against anyone who has unreasonably refused an offer of ADR. A party who objects to ADR without good reason does so at their peril as to costs and the amount they will ultimately have to pay or be paid if they are receiving costs. 

To avoid such outcomes, at CADR, we offer ADR services which enable parties to reach settlements confidentially, without going to court, promptly and cost-effectively that provides parties with agreed solutions which all sides can live with.

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