Fixed Fee Paper Assessment

Binding & Non-Binding Methods

CADR’s fixed fee paper assessment service is available through binding and non-binding methods.

Both forms of the paper assessment will be undertaken within 28 days.

Retired Costs Judges Peter Hurst and Colin Campbell assess all forms of CADR’s paper assessments exclusively.

This service covers formal bills of costs up to £100,000 inclusive of disbursements and VAT, staged in two tiers as defined below in the schedule of charges.

CADR's Schedule of Charges:

CADR's fixed fee non-binding paper assessment fees (exclusive of VAT):

  • Up to £15k £350
  • £15k up to £50k £500
  • £50k up to £100k £750

CADR's binding provisional paper assessment fees: (exclusive of VAT):

  • Up to £15k £350
  • £15k to £50k £650
  • Over £50k up to £75k £850
  • Over £75k £925

Current Court provisional assessment fees:

  • Up to £15k £369
  • Over £15k up to £50k £743
  • Over £50k up to £75k £1,106

Pre-requisites for the fixed-fee paper assessment services are signed terms and conditions of business and a signed paper assessment agreement.

For both methods of assessment, the documents outlined below are required in the following order:

  • A copy of the formal bill of costs.
  • The document giving the right to detailed assessment.
  • A copy of the points of dispute, annotated as necessary in order to show which items have been agreed and their value and to show which items remain in dispute and their value.
  • A copy of any replies served.
  • Copies of all orders made by the court relating to the costs which are to be assessed.
  • Copies of the fee notes and other written evidence as served on the paying party.
  • Copy of risk assessment/statement of reason in support of success fees and copy of the ATE certificate.
  • Transcript of judgment at trial if any.
  • Any further papers the assessor may request.
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