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About NHSR

NHS Resolution has appointed CADR to mediate disputes arising from the recoverability of legal costs and the members of CADR’s panel who are authorised to conduct NHS Resolution mediations are listed below.

The mediation service can be conducted in person and on-line. However, Covid-19 has created an environment of uncertainty and whilst the pandemic is ongoing, mediations will be carried out remotely using Skype for Business or Zoom. 

Further information is available about remote mediations from the Registrar.

Materials can be provided electronically or in hard
copy, to be delivered to the assessor in advance so that they can be read before the mediation.

Please note the links to the NHS resolution page and documentation can be found by clicking the blue buttons on this page. >>
CADR continues to be the appointed providers for the NHS Resolution Mediation Service (including Early Neutral Evaluation).

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