Why Use CADR

CADR was the first specialist organisation to offer ADR services in costs. It has continued to do so since its incorporation five years ago. Its panel offers an unrivalled choice of experts drawn from the retired Judiciary, Queen’s Counsel, the Junior Bar, Solicitors and Costs Lawyers. 

Several members of the panel are also mediators who have been approved for appointment to carry out costs mediations involving National Health Service Resolution (NHSR) for whom CADR is the approved supplier, having won the NHSR Tender for this service.

CADR can offer face-to-face mediation services, by arrangement, using Barristers’ Chambers nationally, in particular in London or Manchester.

Alternatively, CADR can arrange for mediations to take place remotely either by Skype for Business, or Zoom where the parties cannot travel or do not wish to do so for health reasons following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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