Is used by parties to settle their costs dispute (including between solicitor and own client) without going to court with the assistance of an independent third party they have appointed.

Early Neutral Evaluation

A neutral third party (usually on a joint instruction) provides a written or oral assessment of key issues in the costs dispute ,such as hourly expense rates or counsel’s fees.

Expert Determination

The parties to a costs dispute instruct a costs expert to provide an opinion on the amount which it would be fair and reasonable for one party to pay to the other, which will be binding if prior agreement is given.

Costs in Arbitration

An arbitrator chosen by the parties, makes a binding decision (known as an award) on the amount to be allowed in respect of the costs in issue in the dispute between them.

Paper Assessment

The joint referral of bills up to £100,000 to a costs expert for an assessment on the materials deployed without hearing oral submissions, the outcome of which will be binding if prior agreement is given.


Involves the referral of a costs issue or issues to an appointed arbitrator whose decision (known as an award) is binding, with submissions usually having first been made at a hearing.
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