Adam is a partner at a leading UK and Ireland law firm. He has specialised in costs litigation for the last 15 years. He was appointed a Solicitor-Advocate in 2011 having gained Higher Rights of Audience.

Adam is an experienced advocate with extensive experience representing both paying and receiving parties challenging and recovering costs claims at detailed assessment hearings throughout the country. Adam’s costs expertise stems from a variety of different types of civil litigation including personal injury, clinical negligence, disease claims, commercial disputes, judicial review, housing matters and Group Litigation Orders.

He has also been instructed to act on behalf of clients to deal with costs claims arising from criminal and employments tribunal proceedings, including appeals from decisions arising out of orders from Central Funds. Adam has worked on a number of cases that have proceeded to the Court of Appeal and appeared as a witness in test cases concerning ‘After the Event’ insurance premiums.

Adam is able to use his extensive technical and litigation experience as a means to overcome what might seem to be insurmountable differences within a costs dispute by identifying key issues amongst the detail.

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