Greg brings an extensive and unique set of skills and insights when helping resolve disputes using ADR. Well placed to work with parties remotely via all main video conference platforms.

As a costs expert: instructed in many of the leading costs cases from 1997 to the present day, taking in Hollins v Russell, Rogers v Merthyr Tydfil, Coventry v Lawrence. Greg lectures and write extensively on costs issues (including as contributing author Law Society Litigation Funding Handbook) and has been instructed as an expert witness on costs. 

As a mediator: since 2007 including involvement in government consultations and as advisory council member of a leading mediation provider.

As High Court Assessor: experience of how the bench will approach cases is a valuable tool in ADR when considering and exploring alternatives to settlement or in evaluation.

As practising solicitor: costs issues can and often do require an understanding of and insight into how solicitors and practices operate and make decisions. Greg regularly advises on regulatory, compliance and professional negligence issues which can impact in the field. Greg has extensive experience in professional negligence, personal injury (both Claimant and Defendant) and commercial litigation in the courts and in arbitration which informs the costs work from a practitioners perspective.

As advocate: both as solicitor-advocate in the higher courts and with an understanding of the Bar’s perspective as a member of the Bar Council Remuneration Committee.

As CEO of a national law firm: understanding the practice level and management issues which can arise in costs disputes and how costs can impact on a law firm having been partner for many years.

As a communicator: Greg is a great communicator with clients in all shapes and sizes has worked with or acted for other solicitors, representative bodies, government departments, insurers (of most shades from liability to BTE and ATE) corporate clients and individual clients. Worked extensively on video conferences pre-Covid-19 so experienced in managing the challenges of working by video and remotely.


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