Jonathan Dingle is a leading barrister, mediator and internationally-experienced arbitrator complimented as “inspiring”, “remarkable” and “incisive” in his work over
three decades in a variety of countries. He was one of the original costs mediators in the United Kingdom - and trained most of the CADR panel and many other costs mediators. He has also undertaken dozens of NHSR mediations on the clinical
negligence scheme, thereby offering an almost unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience.

The only leading junior in the original CFA Test cases in the Court of Appeal at the height of the first round of costs litigation, he mediated (with Lord Browne Wilkinson) the costs side of some of the most hard fought claims-management cases, and later some of the quietly settled insurance premium cases, where parties were represented by some of the current generation of SCCO Masters. He has continued to mediate costs cases regularly and contributed (with Colin Campbell) to the ADR chapter of Dr Mark Friston’s textbook. He enjoys costs mediation!

A former Commander in the Royal Navy who fought in several wars, he retreated to law and is regarded as something of a mediation institution in clinical negligence, personal injury, and costs-dispute resolution. His more than 1,200 ADR cases have
included disputes and issues, from the trivial to tragic multiple deaths. His feedback from parties is “legendary”. Insurance Mediator of the Year in 2009/2010 he was again so honoured for 2016/17 at the PI awards in November 2016.

He is the author of a leading textbook and founder and chair of trustees of the Society of Mediators. He founded the Civil Mediation Council. He heads the faculty of a leading mediation-training organisation working worldwide – and in the NHS. A
latecomer to long-distance running his energy is put to good use by his four grandsons - and @TempleBrief

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