Paul is a Solicitor who specialises in the law relating to the provision of legal services, solicitors, barristers and other professionals.

On a daily basis he advises law firms, partners and solicitors on partnership issues, disgruntled clients or law firms on costs, complaints and service level disputes whether they be related to an international firm, City Firms, US Law Firms in London, High Street or niche firms (with a particular emphasis on litigation and personal injury practices).

Paul was the elected Chairman of the Law Society’s Small Firms Division in 2015.

The majority of his practice involves the commercial relationships between professionals (partnerships, LLP’s, ABS’s and companies) and sophisticated business clients and their advisers. As a lawyer to other lawyers the majority of his work is complex. Paul also retains a niche practice in sports and media law.

The then Attorney General appointed him to the Governments Panel of Regional Counsel in 2008. Paul continues to practice as a Solicitor Advocate in the higher Courts and before professional regulatory committees including Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and Taxation Disciplinary Board.

His costs practice includes: advising on costs, drafting retainers, drafting CFA’s and DBA’s, contractual relationships between clients and law firms, complaints and contested fees.

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