Over 20 years experience in civil litigation has given Rob a keen sense of the underlying issues, gained whilst conducting and defending the claims that give birth to costs disputes in the first place, as well as costs issues themselves.

He has acted for and against the NHSLA, blue chip insurers, commercial and government organisations and some of the largest claimant firms in the country. He has drafted pleadings, attended assessments and mediations as a participant, as well as pursuing test cases to the Court of Appeal.

His experience covers questions about the validity of retainers, the composition and size of ATE premiums and the content of
disbursements. This fast developing field, continues to throw up new challenges, not least as the parties try to stay afloat on a tide of continual legal reform.

Sitting as a costs assessor in the High Court has also given him the opportunity to literally see both sides of an argument and to reach carefully considered decisions, after arguments on narrow technical and broad policy points.

He is acutely aware of the high costs and limitations of litigation, compared with the freedom and speed mediation offers all parties, to
imaginatively resolve their differences.

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